Shining Light on Success

In the last year or so I’ve distilled down my purpose to the following:  “Shining light into the dark corners to inspire trust and self love.”  This shows up in several different ways, and I do my best to weave it into everything I do.  Talking with my daughter, writing code, responding to customers, coaching, being in a relationship, and a man on a men’s team are areas I choose to express that purpose.

photo by Jamie Danklefs

This is important to me because things cannot be cleaned up until you can see the extent of what needs some focus.  This is kind of where it started for me.  Seeing where I needed to be more in alignment with who I am, rather than who I thought people wanted me to be.  The people pleaser was strong for me, but the person that was not happy was me.  So I had to clean the dust off the areas of my life that were dormant, the true self that was buried.


There is another side to that though.  This comes up when I may be up against something that is new for me, seems really challenging, or is unknown what the outcome will be.  In my life, I choose to remember to shine light on where I have succeeded, too.  Reviewing those successes can lead to insight into what can be applied in the current situation.  Seeing why they were successes, what led up to it, and what choices were made, and actions taken feed into that.


I’ve spent over 40 years learning how my area of the world works with some successes and some failures.  Each has their own lesson, and I choose to seek the lesson in things so that the moment a choice is made, and then an action is taken, that it is moving towards success, instead of away from failure.

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